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About Me

As an expert in developing digital software solutions, I have nearly 6 years of practical experience in crafting innovative digital solutions for my clients. I am a generalist who has supported companies across various domains. From conceptualization to development, as well as project management, I have been responsible for a diverse range of tasks.

Skills & Focus

• Frontend Development (React, Next, Vue)

• Backend Development (Node, Express, Symfony)

• UI/UX optimization and prototyping

• E-Commerce Development with Shopware 5/6, JTL and custom Shops


Horsch Maschinenbau GmbH

Feb 2022 - today

I am actively involved in various projects as a developer and frontend-consultant. These projects include several custom Shopware 6 integrations, a rewrite of an existing app that displays 3D models, a GPT-inspired chatbot software, and a platform that automatically translates texts using a self-hosted LLM for product catalogs. Additionally, I've provided strategic planning services for modern frontend technologies and best practices.

ArmbrĂĽster Consulting GmbH

Jul 2018 - today

Development of e-commerce shops, custom web applications, an iOS app for calculating camera filter exposure times, and the development of multiple shop plugins for different shop systems that synchronize data with a SaaS product for automated email retargeting.

Tom Tailor GmbH

Sep 2021 - Feb 2023

I worked in an Agile environment (Scrumban) where we discussed and planned releases/sprints. My main task was to develop a headless online shop as part of a six-person team. I collaborated with integration partners and resolved integration issues.

Segler-Förderanlagen Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Jul 2018 - Aug 2022

I worked on an iOS enterprise app that I conceptualized, designed, and developed to log internal processes. The goal was to automate the process of logging failures on machines using the phone camera and the company's intranet. Features and releases were planned in regular meetings with the company. The app won an award called 'Zukunftsfest'.

Micony GmbH

Feb 2021 - Jun 2021

Developing a Shopware 6 template for a digital e-commerce platform and an iOS app concept.

Horváth AG

Apr 2020 - Jul 2020

Conception, design, and implementation of a marketing website for a new digital product with SEO and SEA optimizations, as well as all relevant Google Lighthouse optimizations.

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